Non-Traditional Wedding Cakes

So, you are getting married but you don't want the standard 3-tier white wedding cake.  Good news - you don't have to.  Today, there are many options for couples wanting a little something different for their wedding cake.

purple wedding cake

Maybe you want the tiered cake, but your style is a little more bold than "vanilla".  Here is a 3-tiered setup in purple and black

The "naked cake" is a trend that is still going strong.  If you aren't a big fan of cake icing, perhaps this option is for you.  Here is a small two-tiered one that I
naked wedding cake Senatobia MS
did recently.

Or, maybe you want a cake that reflects the interests of you and your significant other.  This cake is three single layers of cake decorated to look like books.

stack of books cake Senatobia MS

This chess board cake with chocolate chess pieces would also make a tasty and unusual wedding cake.

Chessboard cake Senatobia MS

If you have dreamed of having a fairy-tale wedding, maybe you would like a castle wedding cake.

castle cake

If you are planning a simple and small wedding reception, perhaps a classic white-on-white sheet cake fits the bill.

wedding sheet cake

Of course, we can't leave out the extreme chocolate lover.  This decadent dessert with layers of chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream, cream cheese buttercream and covered in dark chocolate ganache will satisfy even the die-hard chocolate lover.
chocolate dessert wedding cake

Wedding cakes no longer have to look like the traditional 3-tier white wedding cake.  I hope I have given you some ideas if you want something a little different.

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