Naked and Semi Dressed Cakes

The "naked" wedding cake trend has been around now for a few years and it is increasing in popularity, at least in my area.  So some of you may be asking what is a naked cake?  It is called naked because it is un-iced.  There is usually some type of buttercream or filling between the cake layers but the top and sides remain un-iced.  Most of the time, the cake is decorated with fresh flowers, fruit, or both.

I actually like these cakes because I think they are lighter and less sweet.  One thing to keep in mind is that icing also serves to help keep the cake from drying out.  One thing I like to do when making these cakes is brush the layers and tops with a gelatin-sugar mixture that helps seal the cake and keep it from drying out so fast.

There are many variations of the naked cake.  It can be simply a naked cake with
naked wedding cake
a sprinkle of powdered sugar.  This one only has buttercream frosting between the cake layers and it does not extend onto the sides of the cake layers.

naked wedding cake

Another way to make a naked cake is to apply a kind of spackle effect.  On this one, I piped extra icing in between the layers and then used my bench scraper to swipe the excess onto the sides of the cake.

You may notice on the cake above, I piped a scalloped pattern of buttercream on the very top.

Finally, there is a semi-dressed or semi-naked cake.  On this cake, the sides are
naked wedding cake
left unfrosted, but a design is piped on.

These naked cake designs work especially well for a rustic-themed wedding.  If you are getting married in the northwest MS area and like the look of these naked and semi-naked cakes, I would be happy to discuss the options with you.


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