Cinderella Dress Cupcake Cake Repin Love

I use Pinterest as my picture gallery on this blog.  Pinterest is easy, free and has it has many, many users.  One of the neat things about it is that other users can "repin" one of my pictures to their Pinterest boards.  When I view my own boards, I can see stats like how many times a picture has been repinned.

Buttercream Rose sheet cake
Up until recently, this picture of a sheet cake I did with lattice work and buttercream roses pretty much held the record for the most repins of all my cakes.

I was very happy with this cake when I made it years ago but it's funny that a simple sheet cake was the most repinned out of all my cakes.

You may notice that I said until recently this sheet cake was the most repinned.
Cinderella dress cupcake cake
 Just in the past few weeks, another one of my cakes has been getting repinned like crazy.  This Cinderella dress cupcake cake has been repinned so much lately that it has now surpassed the rose sheet cake to take the #1 slot.

Every time one of my pictures is repinned, I get an email from Pinterest.  Over the past few weeks, I have been getting several emails per day letting me know that this cake has been repinned.

I am happy that I made something that other people look to for inspiration.  I enjoyed making this Cinderella dress cupcake cake for Emma's birthday party as well as a cake for her handmade crown.

Cinderella cake with crown


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