My Cake Room

My husband and I have been involved in a major home renovation for a while now (we are kinda slow).  One of the things we changed was to make the largest of our extra bedrooms into a craft/cake room.  I love having this room!

We enlarged the opening of the former bedroom closet and built shelves for the interior.  We opted to not install any closet doors for ease of access.

I am able to store my airbrush machine and colors, pasta roller, rolling mats,
cutting mats, odd cake pans, and many other items on these shelves.

We (and I use that term loosely-mostly my husband) built these shelves and cabinets which turned out much better that I envisioned.  We re-purposed some cabinet doors from another room and added the beadboard in the middle.

Finally, we had this gigantic table for several years.  We found it at a Salvation Army store.  It makes a great work table.  It is so large, I am able to set up an "assembly line" process for making gumpaste-fondant decorations like flowers.  It is so much easier than trying to find a free spot in my kitchen like I used to.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed a tour of my cake/craft room and perhaps got some ideas if you are planning a craft room of your own.


More Cakes For Men

A while back, I wrote about cake design ideas for guys.  So many store bakery cakes look a little girly, with roses and swirls and well...girly stuff.  I love frilly cakes, but sometimes guys want something for their birthday that represents their interests.

Here are a few more design ideas for guys of all ages.


Wedding Cake Options for Brides on a Tight Budget

Wedding Cake Options for Brides on a Tight Budget

wedding cakes Senatobia MSIt can be difficult to put together a wedding and reception (especially with a large number of guests) and stay within a tight budget.  Many brides find decorating ideas on Pinterest, and along with close friends and family come up with creative yet economical decorations.  There are a lot of wedding details that are suited for the confident DIYer - the wedding cake is not one of them.  Making a wedding cake requires knowledge of baking, skill and artistry, as well as an understanding of engineering - how to make sure the cake doesn't collapse.  

The internet (think Pinterest and wedding sites) along with cake-themed TV shows have done a great job at educating the public on what is possible in wedding cake decoration.  Unfortunately, these media outlets have done a very poor job at
Food Network Cake Challenge
educating the public on what these jaw-dropping cakes can cost.  Many brides are completely shocked when they contact a custom baker with a celebrity cake picture in hand and ask for a quote.  These "show cakes" can cost thousands of dollars.

So, how can a bride on a tight budget get a delicious custom cake without breaking the bank?  I can only speak for myself, but I have several options for those on a strict budget.

Kitchen Cakes

wedding kitchen cake

I think of kitchen cakes as sheet cakes on steroids.  I make my kitchen cakes with the same number of cake layers and fillings as the wedding cake.  Kitchen cakes are for brides who are expecting a large number of guests but don't necessarily want a large tiered cake.  Kitchen cakes are perfect for brides who are happy with a smaller tiered cake in the reception hall but need more cake in order to serve all of the guests.  The kitchen cakes are normally cut and plated in the kitchen.  

My kitchen cakes are minimally decorated as they are not meant to be "seen" but are made with the same quality ingredients as the wedding cake.  They are
wedding kitchen cake
normally iced in the same style as the wedding cake.  Once the kitchen cake is cut and placed on the plate, it will look just like it was cut from the wedding cake.  Because the kitchen cakes do not take near the amount of time to construct and decorate, their cost is significantly lower then the tiered cake.

Budget 2-Tier Designs

I designed a line of "budget-friendly wedding cakes" that are discounted due to the standard designs.  These budget wedding designs are a 20% savings off the cost of the same size custom cake.  These budget wedding cakes are perfect for the creative DIY bride because they are meant to be embellished with ribbon, flowers, etc. by the customer.  Flowers and ribbons not included (they must be supplied to customer, if needed).

These cakes are 35-40 servings and are perfect for the small, intimate wedding, anniversary or bridal shower.  For those with a larger guest list, these budget wedding designs can be paired with kitchen cakes for even more savings.

Fake Cakes

If you have done any searching on the internet, I am sure you have come across "expert" advice stating that fake cakes a/k/a faux cakes can save a bundle.  Well, maybe...maybe not.  The "savings" depends largely on the design of the cake.  If
Royal Wedding Cake
you are wanting a large 6-tier show-stopper cake like your fave celebrity but you don't need that many servings, I can make some of the layers out of styrofoam fake cake which will save some over the price of real cake.  But, it will not be a significant savings if your design is intricate or overly ornate.  The fake cake layers, commonly used by bakery for display purposes take just as much time and skill to decorate - you just can't eat them.  You would be better off scaling down the size of your cake to save money rather than using fake layers just for show.  However, I do offer this as an option.  Fake cake layers require a deposit and they must be returned in good condition.  The bigger savings come with the larger (10" and above) fake cake layers. 

Non-Tiered Cakes

simple wedding cake
Tiered cakes are traditionally for weddings, but are not a necessity.  If you have a severely limited budget, you may wish to think "outside the box" and order a standard round cake (or cakes) or even a sheet cake.  I can make a very pretty non-tiered cake that will taste and look great.  This option is great for second marriages or for couples who wish to forego a large display in favor of economy.  

Please keep in mind that these options are what I offer.  Not all cake makers offer these options.  


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