Cakes for Men

Cakes for Men

It can be difficult to design a masculine birthday cake or other celebration cake.  Think about when you order a cake from a grocery store bakery - it normally comes with a few roses and an inscription.  Not very manly.  Even though the below cakes are designed for guys, they can work just as well for the gal who shares these interests. 

Sports Themed Cakes

Cakes with a sports theme are the obvious choice for guys.  Team colors can be incorporated to aid in the design.   One of the sports themed cakes that I made for
football cake
a young Mississippi State football fan incorporated the school colors and mascot/logo.  I added a jersey with his age for more personalization.

Outdoors Themed Cakes

Some guys (including my husband) are more inclined to enjoy outdoor activities like hunting or fishing.  This fishing theme cake uses an airbrush camo technique along with a gumpaste fish and cattails to create an attractive masculine cake.
fishing cake

fishing cake

Game Themed Cakes

Nintendo cake
Maybe your guy is more of the indoor game type.  If so, there are all kinds of designs that translate well in cake.  Here is an Nintendo console with controllers cake for the old-school "gamer".

Or, if your guy is more into the unplugged games, here is a great design that
chess cake
takes advantage of a square cake and molded chocolate pieces.

Cakes for Scholars

book cake
For the avid book reader (or perhaps writer), why not incorporate that love of books into a cake design.  Here is one I did that was a relatively simple stack of sheet cakes with buttercream piping.

Military Themed Cakes

Some ideas for the guy who is or has been in the service or otherwise has an interest in the military is a fondant flag drape, a design that incorporates elements of military uniforms or one that replicates weapons.  Here is one with a red, white and blue patriotic theme and another one shaped like a tank.
red white and blue cake

tank cake

Party Themed Cakes

For the guy who enjoys a good party (or two or three), here are a couple of cakes along that line.  One is geared towards the motorcycle riding "outlaw" and the other is an old-fashioned Red Solo cup cake.
outlaw cake

pouring beer cake


Most guys could probably care less about the "decoration" on the cake, after all, it's food.  Here are a few ideas for undecorated cakes that are still nice to look at, as well.
Senatobia MS cake

Senatobia MS cake

Senatobia MS cake

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