Free Craftsy Class - Basic Fondant Techniques

Free Craftsy Class - Basic Fondant Techniques

FREE Cratsy Class

Have you heard of Craftsy?  Craftsy is a website full of craft project tutorials.  The tutorials are on video, sort of like Youtube.  Once you have purchased the class, it is yours to access anytime.  The video lessons are divided into segments and you "rewind" when you need to see something demonstrated again.

I have purchased several of the cake decorating tutorials on Craftsy and have not been disappointed with any of them.  The quality of the filming is very good and the instructors are well-known cake artists.  Craftsy normally runs "sales" where you can purchase some of these classes for up to 50% off.

Craftsy also offers several FREE "mini" classes.  These classes are fantastic and I recommend them if you have never used Craftsy before.  Here is a link to the FREE Basic Fondant Techniques.

This class is taught by Elisa Strauss, owner of Confetti Cakes in New York.  Basic Fondant Techniques has 10 lessons covering topics such as:  coloring, flavoring and handling fondant, covering round and square cakes with fondant, making a fondant rose and bow, appliques, inlays and embossing.  Wow-can you believe all that for free?

fondant inlay

See those pink and brown flowers on this cake board?  Those are "inlays".  

fondant applique

These hearts are an example of fondant appliques.

fondant covered cake

Here is an example of a cake and board covered entirely in fondant.

NOTE:  I am a Craftsy affiliate and receive compensation when you purchase classes or join.  I am also a Craftsy member and enjoy their classes!

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