Decorated Cake Boards

Decorated Cake Boards

petal cake with undecorated boardThe cake board is often an overlooked part of the overall cake design.  I admit that there are plenty of times that I leave the cake board undecorated, as in the monthly corporate birthday cakes that I do.  However, most of the time I like to decorate the cake board in some way that adds to the overall design.

Covering with Paper

Senatobia MS groom cake with paper covered boardPaper can be used to cover the board as long as the paper is also covered with a grease-proof covering.  When I use paper to cover a cake board, I cover that paper with a clear plastic that has adhesive on the underside.  The types of paper that can be used include:  wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, plain brown paper, even freezer paper.  If you use freezer paper, just make sure the slick side is facing up and then you don't need another grease-proof covering.

Groom cake with paper covered board

Owl cake with paper covered board

Covering with Foil

One of the most common cake board coverings is aluminum foil.  I don't care for using this as a covering on its own.  I just don't think it adds anything to the design.  Wilton makes a product called Fanci-Foil that is thicker than regular aluminum foil.  There is also a florist foil that comes with embossed patterns that looks a little more festive but care should be taken that your cake does not sit directly on it as it is not food-safe.

Covering with Fondant

Senatobia MS cake with fondant covered board
One of the most versatile cake board coverings is fondant.  If I am using fondant as a cake board covering, I do it a few days ahead of time so it can harden and can be handled easily.  The fondant covering can be embossed or imprinted with a design or even airbrushed.  Covering a cake board with fondant allows for more creativity and can enhance a customized design or theme.

fondant covered cake board

Senatobia MS wedding cake fondant


airbrushed fondant cake board

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