Cupcakes 21 Ways

Cupcakes 21 Ways

There are countless ways to decorate cupcakes.  Here are 21 of them:

"Ice Cream" swirl (left) and "Rose" swirl (right).  Done with Wilton 1M tip.

swirl cupcake

Big Puff of icing done with Wilton 2D tip.
puff cupcake

Giant Rose done with Wilton 127 tip.
giant rose cupcake

Swirl done with Wilton tip 199 and gumpaste bumble bee.
bumble bee cupcake

Hydrangea blossoms done with Wilton tip 2D.
hydrangea cupcake

Old-fashioned rose petals done with Wilton tip 104.
rose petal cupcake

Grass done with Wilton tip 233 and tiny gumpaste flowers.
piped grass cupcake

Thin swirl with star tip and simple fondant rose.
simple fondant rose

Iced in buttercream and rolled in sugar sprinkles.
sanding sugar cupcake

Spiral piped with any medium round tip and "webbed" with toothpick.
spiral web cupcake

Topped with fondant embossed with vintage lace.
embossed fondant

Topped with fondant circle then piped chocolate & 2-tone swirl (middle).
chocolate cupcake topper

Basketweave piped with medium round tip and star tip flowers.
basketweave cupcake

Tip 1M swirl with fondant heart.
valentine cupcake

Giant Sunflower done with Wilton small leaf tip.
sunflower cupcake

Topped with fondant owl.
owl cupcake

Star fill-in done with Wilton tip 18.
star tip cupcake

Ballerina done with Ateco frill tip and gumpaste heart.
ballerina cupcake

Petal technique done with medium writing tips and small angled spatula.
petal technique cupcake

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