Flavors That Make You Sing

Flavors that Make You Sing

One of the advantages of being a custom cake baker is that I can offer much more than the standard vanilla and chocolate cake flavors.

This is a picture of my recipe box where I keep all of my cake and icing recipes.

Of course, I do offer vanilla and chocolate - in fact, I have 2 vanilla recipes (regular and white almond) and 3 chocolate ones (regular, triple chocolate fudge and chocolate kahlua).

I also have strawberry, lemon, orange blossom (hint of orange flavor), banana, red velvet, carrot, and white chocolate.

If you want to try something a bit more adventurous, I also make pumpkin spice, pineapple-coconut, and strawberry-lemonade.

Every had Neopolitan ice cream?  I can make a cake to go with that:

Feeling like you want to have a "rainbow" of colors in your cake?

Now - if you've read down this far, you may be wondering what does all this do with singing...well, how about a Lime-Coconut flavor - I have it.  Now, try to get that song out of your head  ;)

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