Easy Owl Birthday Cake

Easy Owl Birthday Cake

Owls have been popular for quite some time.  You see them all over Pinterest in decorating ideas for children's rooms and birthday parties.

I guess it takes me a while to catch on, but I finally got around to making an owl cake.

There are literally hundreds of owl cakes on the internet out there and I probably looked at most of them for inspiration and ideas.

Inside is a 3-layer, strawberry lemonade cake.  That flavor just sounded like it would fit in with July birthdays.  I used buttercream icing between each layer and on the outside.  It's hard to tell by the pictures, but the icing was tinted a very light
shade of mint green (it's supposed to be one of the "trend" colors this year).

All of the decorations were made from fondant.  Most of them were made ahead of time.  I wanted them to be dry so they would be easier to handle and it takes a while in the type of high humidity like we get in Mississippi.

A couple of days before I made the cake, I pre-made the fondant eyes, ears(horn things), nose, feet, message tag, wings and flower.   I used the cake pan as a guide to help me figure out how big to make each piece.

The flower was made from a tutorial I found on facebook:  Shawna Flower tutorial
This tutorial is from Corrie from Corrie's Cakes in Wyoming.  She is very talented and creative.  Every since I saw the tutorial, I have wanted to make this flower.  There wasn't much room on my owl, so flower size had to be reduced.  Can't wait for the opportunity to make a big full-size flower.

The "breast feathers" were made by cutting out a piece of fondant with one of my piping tips.  I did this part after the cake was made and the other pieces had been placed.

My husband said everyone wanted to know how I made the "Happy Birthday" message.  That was probably the easiest part.  Once the message tag that I had previously cut out had dried, I used a rubber stamp and a food writer edible marker to stamp the birthday message.  I found the stamp in the scrapbooking section of the store.  I don't scrapbook, so the stamp will only be used for food items.  Once I washed it, I went over the message on the stamp with my food writer several times.  You have to move fast because the edible ink dries very quickly.  I lightly stamped the piece of fondant then went back over the letters to make them darker.

Here's the finished cake - I enjoyed making this one and may try a 3-D owl in the future.
owl cake

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