Cake Competitions at 2013 Delta Fest Fair

Cake Competitions at 2013 Delta Fest Fair

Had a great time at the Delta Fest Fair at the Agricenter in Memphis, TN on September 7, 2013.  One of the main reasons I went was to attend the West Tn. Sugar Arts Show.

There was actually 2 cake decorating competitions going on at the fair, the Fair cake competition as part of their art and crafts exhibits and the 2nd annual West TN Sugar Arts Show.

The Fair competition requires that the top tier (if more than one tier) be real cake while the bottom tiers have to be fake - most people use styrofoam.  These cakes are judged on taste, decoration and originality.  Here are some of this years entries:

I entered some cakes in the Mid-South Fair competition many years ago.  I believe I won 3 ribbons.

The other competition was the Sugar Arts Show.  This is strictly a cake decorating competition - no real cakes.  I have never entered one of these contests but may try in the future.  These type of competitions usually have a theme on which you have to base your design.  This year, the theme was "Pinterest".  The artist had to use pictures from Pinterest in their design.  Part of the requirement was to print out their inspiration pictures from Pinterest and have them on the table next to the cake.  

There were truly some AMAZING works of art displayed.  I am listing the names (as they were listed on the attached exhibit cards) to give credit to the cake decorators.

1.  Velma Campbell
2.  Melba Seymore
3.  Kaitlynn McDonald

4.  Karen Brown
5.  Dehmjisha Sigee
6.  Alice Espinosa

7.  Shannon Taylor
8.  Debra Bittle
9.  Cynthia Zoesch
10. Mariechen McGruder

11.  Kiersten McDonald
12.  Kari Osborn
13.  Fiona Yanok

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