Wedding Cake Trends in the Mid-South for 2014

Wedding Cake Trends in the Mid-South for 2014

When I was young(er), the newest fashion trends always started in Europe, then spread to the east and west coasts of the U.S. before gradually making their way down to us in the mid-south states (TN, AR, MS) a few years later.  The explosion of the internet has shortened that delay somewhat.

Here are a few of the current and upcoming trends for wedding cakes in the Mid-South area:


Pink and Grey is one of the new popular color combos to make its way onto the wedding cake table.

This small two-tiered cake is covered in fondant and decorated with a pale grey fondant ribbon around the bottom of each tier with a multi-tone pink flower decoration.

One color that we are expecting brides to go crazy for this spring is mint.  Mint is that shade of pale green that is really just a whisper of green.  Some of the cake decorators in the San Francisco area are already getting requests for mint to show up in some form on the wedding cake.

One of the more popular color combos from the past couple of years is going to be
just as popular next year, as well.  

Yellow and Grey is a sophisticated color combination that is likely to be requested by brides for both afternoon and evening weddings.

This cake also displays another one of the wedding cake trends that has found favor in recent years - geometric designs.


This competition display cake exhibits both the pink and grey color scheme combination as well as the hottest geometric trend - chevrons.

Chevrons are hugely popular in the Mid-South right now and are expected to remain trendy for wedding cakes in the coming year.

*This cake is not my work - I was unable to determine who the decorator is in order to give proper credit.

Vintage Lace

On the other end of the design spectrum, the timeless look of vintage lace never goes out of style.  This beautiful four-tiered cake design by Tracy James of  Cotton and Crumbs in the U.K. is certain to delight the bride who envisions a wedding of romance and simple elegance.

Naked Cake

As far as I can tell, the Naked Cake sensation began with a celebrity's (Hilary Duff) wedding in 2010.  It took a little while to catch on in the "real" world but has been gaining in popularity since early 2012 and is finding it's way to the Mid-South area.

The Naked Cake seems very simple to make, but it is actually difficult to execute properly. Because there is no outside covering of frosting, the cake layers must be perfect.  The Naked Cake is well-suited for a smaller wedding in a casual setting.

This cake by Charmaine Capener of By Charmaine in the United Kingdom is one of the prettiest Naked Cakes I have seen.  (Take a minute to click on the link and "like" her facebook page).

If you are considering one of these cakes for your wedding, please don't attempt it yourself unless you are an experienced baker.

Dessert Table with Cake Assortment

Some couples have decided to forego the single wedding cake and opt for a dessert table with an assortment of cakes in various sizes and flavors as well as cookies, pies and other sweet goodies.  The dessert table option works well in an informal setting, but could be adapted to a more formal display as well.

If you decide to use this idea for your wedding, you may wish to "upsize" the number of servings compared to a traditional wedding cake.  A number of your guests will likely want to sample a bit of everything on the table.

The best trend we see (and are likely to see in the future), is that wedding couples are having  their cakes designed to suit their individual personalities.  If you envision a traditional white cake with smooth icing and flowers, then your wedding will have an understated elegance.  If you prefer a pumpkin spice cake frosted in bold colors with a geometric design, then go for it.  Some trends may come and go, but individuality is one trend that should never go out of style.


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