Grooms Cakes

Grooms Cakes

Grooms cakes are a southern tradition.  Who can forget the red velvet armadillo grooms cake from the movie "Steel Magnolias".  Did you know that the tradition of the grooms cake actually goes back to Victorian times in England.  It was a cake made with fruit and usually some type of alcohol.  Supposedly, it was cut by the bridegroom and served to the bridesmaids with wine before going to the church.  

Grooms cakes can either be served as the dessert at the rehearsal dinner or
Senatobia MS cake
enjoyed by wedding guests at the reception.  Chocolate seems to be the most popular flavor choice for grooms cakes; however, just about any flavor will work. 

Nintendo cake
In some cases, the grooms cake is ordered by the bride as a surprise for her groom.  These cakes usually represent something of interest to the groom or to their relationship.  The grooms cake can be a little less formal than the wedding cake and many couples use it to reflect their personality.

Senatobia MS cake

Sometimes, the groom would prefer to have an undecorated "dessert style" cake like a:

Carrot Cake
carrot cake
or Poured Chocolate Ganache Cake
chocolate cake
or Buttermilk Caramel Cake
buttermilk caramel cake

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