Easy Halloween Cake Ideas

Easy Halloween Cake Ideas

Halloween provides lots of inspiration for cake decoration.  I have had the opportunity to make several sheet cakes close to Halloween.  Here are some easy Halloween cake ideas:

Frozen Buttercream Transfer

This one is a not so scary one done for October birthdays at an office.

frozen buttercream transfer

This one is a little bit more on the scary side.

frozen buttercream transfer

Both of the cakes above were decorated using a technique commonly referred to as Frozen Buttercream Transfer (or FBCT).  You can search YouTube for videos of how to do it.  The main thing to remember is to put down that part of the design that will be in the front first.  FBCTs are done from front to back so when you flip it over, the design will be right side up.

I normally work on the FBCT design first and keep it in the freezer while I ice the cake.  I find designs in clip art or coloring books.

Fondant Cut-Out

This next cake was iced in buttercream but the decorations were cut out of fondant.

halloween sheet cake

I started out with a design idea in my head and then found clip art that would work with the design.  I had lots of fun with this design.  The skull, helmet, chin strap, wings, and flames were all cut out separately.  I used an edible food marker to draw the facial features on the skeleton face.  The barbed wire was also made out of fondant.

I admire cake decorators who can truly capture a macabre or twisted design.  Black Cherry Cake Company in the UK is great at these.  Here is their website:

Here's hoping you get lots of treats with no tricks this Halloween!

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